BKO:0000594 (category)


(see GO:0055085)

The bricks that represent the opening and closing of a transmenbrane channel.


Brick Language Pattern Terms
BKO:0000506 channel closing (PD main) PD L1V2.0

BKO:0000505 channel closing

BKO:0000509 channel opening (PD main) PD L1V2.0

BKO:0000508 channel opening

BKO:0000517 reversible channel opening/closing (PD main) PD L1V2.0

BKO:0000516 reversible channel opening/closing

BKO:0000507 channel closing (ER main) ER L1V2.0

BKO:0000505 channel closing

BKO:0000510 channel opening (ER main) ER L1V2.0

BKO:0000508 channel opening