Welcome to the portal for the SBGN Bricks project, a collection of SBGN representations of recurring concepts found in molecular networks.

SBGN Bricks aims at facilitating the development of new tools for the template-based construction of molecular networks and for their semantic annotation. It is also intended as a teaching aid for those learning SBGN and systems biology.

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A brick is a pattern expressed in SBGN that represents a biomolecular or biological concept found in molecular networks. We defined bricks using the three SBGN languages for hundreds of such concepts.

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The set of bricks is structured within the BricKs Ontology (BKO). BKO associates bricks with precisely defined terms and with broad categories. It can be browsed by terms, bricks, or categories.

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All SBGN Bricks resources, and in particular the bricks and the ontologies, can be freely downloaded and reused.

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