GO:0008150 (term)


(source: GO:0008150)

A biological process represents a specific objective that the organism is genetically programmed to achieve. Biological processes are often described by their outcome or ending state, e.g., the biological process of cell division results in the creation of two daughter cells (a divided cell) from a single parent cell. A biological process is accomplished by a particular set of molecular functions carried out by specific gene products (or macromolecular complexes), often in a highly regulated manner and in a particular temporal sequence.


Brick Language Pattern Categories
BKO:0000487 biological process (PD main) PD L1V2.0

BKO:0000591 generic biological processes

BKO:0000486 biological process (AF main) AF L1V1.2

BKO:0000591 generic biological processes

BKO:0000488 biological process (ER main) ER L1V2.0

BKO:0000591 generic biological processes